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Job Seekers: Stay Ahead of Your Competition with the New LinkedIn Job Search App

Looking for a job is a full-time job! Especially in a challenging economy. LinkedIn has invested a lot of energy into creating tools for job seekers, coupled with its proprietary tools like InMail and Get Introduced that make it remarkably easy to dialogue with what I call the “relative strangers” with whom we need to connect—like the hiring manager for that perfect job that just posted.

LinkedIn reports that 40% of its members are using LinkedIn to find their next job, so you need every advantage to stay ahead of your competition. Today’s launch of a new app called LinkedIn Job Search now adds an additional level of versatility to the search process for iOS mobile users.

  • Search for jobs by keyword, title, or location
  • Save your search and start getting automatic job recommendations
  • Apply to jobs ASAP since early responders are most likely to get the job.
  • Keep your searches private–not revealed to your network or your current employer

Download it now from the iTunes Store.

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