Small Businesses

Businesses in transition—whether they’re launching, expanding, spinning off as new entities, or emerging from an acquisition—benefit tremendously when they capitalize on the platform that LinkedIn offers.

LinkedIn can level the playing field for start-ups and resource-constrained businesses. Done right, it happens through the synergistic alignment of LinkedIn’s personal profiles for the organization’s leadership & employees coupled with a LinkedIn Company Page.

Why? Because LinkedIn’s Company Pages provide unique advantages that:

  • Showcase and credential expertise
  • Accelerate how quickly the names of new companies and products appear in the search engines
  • Allow targeted online engagement for your business’ individual products and services with “Followers” in the LinkedIn community
  • Make it easy for customers to recommend each of your products or services in a matter of minutes, which further circulates to both your LinkedIn network and theirs.

And all of this happens faster via LinkedIn’s Company Pages than on a traditional website…coupled with the dynamic interactions of nearly ½ billion LinkedIn members.