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Should You Post Your Pic with Your Social Media Profile?

I always encourage my clients to upload a photo with each social media profile—preferably a right-sized headshot that’s close enough to view your smiling face but is not too intensively in everyone else’s face.

My reaction to a profile without a pic is very basic. What is this person hiding? I think most people have similar reactions to a name on a profile alongside a stylized unisex head, or no head at all. If the name belongs to  someone we know, we’re eager to see that face again, and disappointed that we can’t. If it’s a profile for someone we don’t know (yet) we want to get a sense of who they are.  Dealing with each other remotely is remote enough by default. We want that human connection, and a feeling of trust that we know who we’re dealing with.

This heat map study presents an interesting  analysis of how much time recruiters spend looking at the headshot of potential candidates. If you’re interested in weighing in with your opinion on this, you’re welcome to comment on my LinkedIn discussion group, Leaders in Digital Marketing, which is an open forum.

Thank you Linda for your insight into the social media expanse of LinkedIn technology as well as your professional profile insights. Your expertise in social media provided the structure and strategy to developing a compelling and effective profile. I believe your unique skill for interpersonal understanding and exploration to discover the professional gems of my career drove us to a very successful outcome. This has been both an enjoyable and rewarding endeavor!!

Jean Gough • EV Business Development Manager – Northeast Region at Nissan Motor Company

As a Retired Marine Colonel, I turned to Linda Kempin at the Art of Digital Prominence for help transitioning to a civilian role. Linda positioned what seemed like standard accomplishments into an online profile that got my name out on the street & successfully moved me into a new market. My first interview came about 3 wks. later. I thoroughly enjoy the responsibilities of my new position and how well it aligns with my personal commitment to making a difference. Thanks Linda, I owe you one.

Richard A. Schott • Principal at RALLIE Consulting LLC