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What’s the Best LinkedIn Subscription Level for Job Seekers?

Here’s a breakdown of LinkedIn’s current features and pricing in 3 different subscription categories: Job Seeker, Business, and Sales Professional (Navigator)

I’m personally not a big fan of the Job Seeker subscription levels–I haven’t seen any value in the Job Seeker badge (in fact I think it’s a negative) or the “featured profile” positioning. The salary data and applicant info features are also available with the other premium level services so you don’t have to sign up for Job Seeker to get them. And although the Job Seeker category offers the lowest price point for the paid subscriptions at $19.99/mo., you’re getting very little value there.

Make sure you subscribe at a level that includes InMails — a great LinkedIn tool that lets you start a dialog with other LinkedIn members that’s “guaranteed’ by LinkedIn to be opened in 7 days or you’ll get an InMail credited back to your account. It’s a great way to ask people you don’t already know for insights about a company’s culture or make a direct approach to a hiring manager to separate yourself from all the other resumes in the pile.

If you can manage $29.99/month that’s a better place to start. And consider the “Business” version instead of the “Job Seeker” version.

Click on each of these 3 screen shots to enlarge the image and see comparisons for Job Seeker (left), Business(center) and Sales Navigator (right)

8-22-2014 LinkedIn Job Seeker upgrade options8-22-2014 Linkedin Business Plus8-22-2014 LinkedIn Navigator upgrade options

If you’re using LinkedIn steadily for your job search, @ $59.99/mo. the “Business Plus” level bumps up the number of InMails, Get Introduced requests, Saved Company Searches and Search Alerts that are available to you each month.

And if you’re running your search full throttle, check out the Sales Navigator subscription @ $79.99/mo. Even if you’re not a career sales professional, you are selling yourself in this search process! Navigator has just been upgraded with several new features that will streamline the process of identifying opptys and tracking companies and your connections in those companies that can help you navigate your way in the door. It also offers 4 more search filters so you can better target the people you’re trying to reach by title, company size, etc.

Which subscription to buy is always a personal decision depending on your approach to the job search process and your inclination to using online tools. So take advantage of LinkedIn’s first month free trial offer, and remember you can cancel your subscription or change to a different subscription level (up or down) at any time.


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    Thank you for your post, it helped me to understand and to decide about the premium level I am looking for. For me, as for a designer who looks for freelance projects, it was very important and positive.

    Thank you.

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